Thai On The Table Massage Video

A Kinetic Sports Massage Instructional Video

Thai Massage Techniques are available to you and are easily learned in this step-by-step format. Our Thai Massage On The Table video offers a full range of instructional Thai Massage therapy techniques and instruction. Taught by Susan Farhat, a Licensed Massage therapist and Massage teacher with over 10 years experience. These techniques are perfect for not only Massage therapists but also Personal Trainers, Physical therapists and anyone interested in easy and effective ways of stretching. Your clients will love the unique ways of stretching the low back, hips, shoulders and much much more! Receive our Thai Massage On The Table video download today and add to your practice tomorrow!

A Thai Massage On The Table video that will help you become an expert!

Included in this 60-Minute Massage Instructional Video:

  • Live Demonstrations of Thai Massage on the Table
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • How to use proper body mechanics
  • Total body stretch in 4 positions
  • A Full body massage routine

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Also Included In Our Thai Massage On The Table Video

Also included in our Thai Massage video are several other massage techniques such as compression, for a complete full body massage. These techniques are great for improving flexibility in athletes, making it a useful tool for sports massage; whether it’s for pre or post event massage. What is known as the “lazy mans yoga”, Thai massage is performed on a floor mat with the client dressed in comfortable clothing. The therapist uses compression with her hands, feet, knees, and elbows. All muscles gets passively stretched and moved through a full range of motion. Our Thai Massage movie is set up in a teachable format so you can learn each technique with ease. Get this DVD today and use the Thai stretching routine on your next client!