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Kinetic Sports Massage is by far the leader in sports massage. They understand athletes because they are athletes. Their experience gives them a superior advantage when it comes to dissecting muscle soreness, acute injuries, post/pre-competition and overall bodywork. Kinetic has played an integral part in my performance and injury prevention. My ability to complete an Ironman and several Half Ironman events is no doubt because of consistent work with Kinetic Sports Massage.

Nick C.

The healing hands of Kinetic Sports Massage brought me back from a 6 month lay off due to a debilitating injury. In addition to that, their work, after only a half dozen sessions is reversing almost five years of excruciating Achilles pain. In one session they were able to identify the problem areas and developed a comprehensive program to get me back to my former level of competitiveness. During my 30 years of competitive running and Triathlon racing, I’ve worked with several Deep tissue massage therapists for extended periods and Kinetic is without a doubt, the best I’ve had. After almost a year of self doubt, I now believe that I will be able to get back to a high level of training and racing.

John D.

Becoming an Ironman has been a life goal of mine since I was a little girl. knew the training would be hard work and long hours. I knew I had the WILL but the question that lurked, at 42 years old would my body cooperate? Half way into my training I began to experience discomfort in multiple muscle groups. I had pain in my right foot. I felt beat up and wondered if I could complete my training. My coach asked me why I wasn’t getting sports massage like she had recommend. I had it in my mind that, “I didn’t NEED it.” That it was too expensive and if I stretched and foam rolled I didn’t need sports massage. I was so wrong! I went for my first massage. It was a miracle! I couldn’t believe the difference in my body! All discomfort went away. This left me with the ability to focus on training harder. I started working with Kinetic Sports Massage every two weeks and quickly increased to once a week. I remained injury free throughout the entire training regimen. I truly believe that today when I say, “I AM an IRONMAN!” that I can say it because of Kinetic Sports Massage.

Jeannie W.

My husband and I have had bodywork from Kinetic Sports Massage since 2009 and I am happy to say I have been injury free the entire time during my endurance training (half and full ironman distance training). Kinetic Therapists are very knowledgeable about the body, different injuries and how to work through and around them to get your body moving healthy and efficiently again. I am very thankful for their expertise and continued desire to learn new techniques for continued success.

Nicole C.

Kinetic Sports Massage has been instrumental in helping me reach my running goals this year. Not only am I convinced that she has “magic hands,” their advice and guidance have been invaluable when it comes to training and racing. Kinetic is an excellent resource, and I look forward to continuing our relationship as I set more goals.

Susan M.

Kinetic Sports Massage is unique to any massage experience I have ever had. Kinetic understands the aches and pains we runners have. They’re accommodating, professional and the best at massage. Kinetic therapists worked with me throughout my marathon training and will continue to keep me “run ready.” Not only is the experience in the massage room incredible but Kinetic always follows up to make sure I am feeling ok – very unique!! I would not be able to keep my body in shape without Kinetic Sports Massage!

Linda C.

Without the consistency of massage, I would not be able to train as hard as possible, nor recover as quickly as possible. As an athlete, I want a massage therapist that is an athlete, and understands the physical and mental components of being an athlete. I want someone that assists me in excelling as a competitive athlete. As a 7x qualifier of the Boston Marathon, I need perfection. And the therapists at Kinetic Sports Massage fit that role. They’re an outstanding, professional and compassionate massage therapists that have been extremely instrumental in enhancing my performance. Thank you Kinetic for helping me stay healthy and fast!

Tara H.

Nicole is amazing at massage therapy. She is professional and personable. During my first session, she quickly made both my mind & body feel at ease. My job is physically demanding & deep tissue massage is key to preventing injury. Nicole tailors each session to my body’s specific needs and I am grateful to benefit from her expertise.

Mel Y.

I cannot recommend Kinetic enough!!  From the very first phone call to all of my wonderful sessions, professional, friendly and simply terrific service. I go regularly now and always look forward to my next session because I know I will leave feeling wonderfully relaxed!!


Receiving a therapeutic massage from Nani is something special. Nani is unique in her treatment skills, but also you can feel her vibrations. She is one of the very best.

Gerry D.

I was given a gift certificate for a massage with Nani at Kinetic. After a conversational evaluation, we decided she would focus on my shoulders and upper back to address my pain from chronic tension. Not only did I feel immediate relief and a thousand times better, but I have already talked to Nani and made plans for my next massage!

Maggie H.

I pulled a muscle in my lower back while lifting something at work. I was in agonizing pain!! I called my doctor and I called Nani. My doctor couldn’t get me in for a couple days, but Nani made some adjustments and was able to get me right in for a massage. I could barely sit in my car because my back hurt so bad. I was hoping she could loosen me up enough to make me comfortable while I waited to get in to see my doctor. Nani worked on my back for an hour, mostly focusing on the area that I had injured. Not only did she make me comfortable, like I had hoped for, I was able to cancel my doctor’s appointment. I called her later that afternoon to tell her she was my miracle worker. Her hands are like healing magic!!!

Jen H.