Nani Brown

MA 79966
Nani has lived in Sarasota since 2001 and graduated from Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 2015. There, she was introduced to a wide range of massage modalities and tends to mostly use deep tissue, cupping, and neuromuscular techniques. She has been a receiver of massage for many years which is partially what lead her to pursue this healing profession.

Nani is a great listener and has an intuitive approach to the treatment she provides. As an avid runner she is able to identify well with an athlete’s needs and preferences. She is a free spirit and social butterfly, and loves spending time with her friends going out to eat and to the movies, just as much as running and doing various other workouts.
Phone: 941-400-4181

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Lindsay Korsch

MA 79806
Lindsay is a graduate from both The Sarasota School of Massage Therapy and Fashion Focus Hair Academy. As a dual-licensed professional Lindsay relies on the story the body is telling her to formulate a treatment.

Knowledge is power, so Lindsay continues to take multiple courses to further her knowledge about the body and learn more techniques to encourage a state of balance in her clients. Lindsay’s continuing education has brought her deeper knowledge in cupping, stretching techniques, and Sacred Hawaiian Massage. She is also a level 3 Reiki practitioner. With all her training, she is better able to facilitate and guide her clients back to a state of comfort and optimal function.

In her free time Lindsay enjoys trying new exercises, yoga, dancing, painting, gardening, camping with her children, exploring nature, traveling, cooking, and water sports.
Phone: 941-587-5644

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Olivia Szoldatits, NMT

MA 78286
Olivia is a graduate of The Sarasota School of Massage Therapy. Her experience has guided her to use deep tissue and Neuromuscular techniques, as well as Myofascial work, cupping, and stretching.  These techniques, along with Swedish bodywork, are all utilized to assess each client and ultimately achieve the best result during the therapeutic process. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for a massage or bodywork session and Olivia knows each person presents a unique set of conditions, preferences for pressure and techniques, and goals for any given session. Whether it’s muscle soreness, overall tension, or a specific injury, Olivia will help you work towards a healthy outcome.

Phone: 815-383-7689

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Nicole Marie McGowan

Nicole Marie began working as a nurse 8 years ago, Her passion for aiding the healing process quickly transformed into a love for massage therapy. Most people have no idea how well their bodies are designed to perform, but through education and a combination of multiple modalities tailored to each clients individual needs, transformation is inevitable. Her favorite tools for achieving a change in a client is deep tissue, trigger point therapy, cupping and Thai techniques.

Balance is important to Nicole, she makes time to spend with family, friends, traveling, boating, cooking, yoga, and living life the way its meant to be lived.

Phone: 941-544-3512

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