Types of Massage

What type of massage is best suited for you? There are hundreds of modalities to choose from. Massage Therapy is as much of an art form as it is a science. Light, palliative care has as many benefits as deep, specific ‘ “hurt so good” work does. Sometimes an hour of being stretched leaves you feeling like you’ve had 2hrs. of a table massage. Do you ever feel like an hour of work on just your head and feet would be all you
need? Why not get just that? Who’s to say you need every body part worked? Maybe you’d like your neck and shoulders have a deep treatment and for your low back you would like to be stretched.

As mentioned there are hundreds of massage Modalities out there. Some of them take years to master and the practioner usually just uses those techniques. Active Release Techniques (ART) uses movement based techniques that have over 500 different protocols to address soft tissue injures. CranioSacral Therapy is one of the gentlest forms of bodywork. The therapist uses pressure no greater than the weight of a nickel to improve the flow of craniosacral fluid. It can take years to develop those techniques and often the practitioner uses those techniques exclusively.

Some modalities can be used alone or add ons to a massage treatment. Aromatherapy uses therapeutic essential oils in addition to gentle massage strokes. Oils have long been used to treat common conditions such as :
-Digestive problems
-Sleeping disorders
To name a few. Reflexology concentrates on the feet, hand or ears, working on points that directly correspond to other areas of the body.

Interesting but less well known forms of massage like Watsu that takes place while in a warm pool or hot tub while the practitioner supports the client and takes them through passive stretching, make an interesting addition to traditional massages.

Some massage is for the dogs…literally. Canine massage is becoming more and more popular. They receive the same benefits as humans do from massage. Equine massage has long been used for racehorses to enhance their performance.

Reiki, Rolfing and Trager… oh my! So much to choose from!

Often stepping outside of your life for a short time….being in a quiet room, music playing is in itself beneficial. Find a therapist with some diverse training, explore the options. Adding variety to your massage will allow you to get what you need when you need it.