Thai Massage for Athletes

Thai Massage for Athletes

Traditional Thai massage is performed on a mat with the client dressed in
comfortable clothing. The purpose is to initiate the relaxation response thereby
stretching and softening the muscles and increasing range of motion. Traditional
Thai massage also focuses on energy flow-Sen lines. Acupressure is used along the
sen lines to help release blocked chi and restore the body to its healthiest state. Thai
massage adapted to the table is a great addition to the athletes wellness plan. You can
have the same benefits and can adapt most techniques to fit the table.

Thai Massage is extremely important to athletes.

1. Injury prevention
Many factors are used to keep an athlete in top shape. Proper training,
nutrition, rest and massage. Thai can increase range of motion and joint
flexibility; key factors in preventing sprains and strains. Thai massage can
passively take the joints through their normal range. The therapist will
quickly be able to detect tights spots and positional problem areas.

2. A relaxed mind
For an athlete having a “busy” and stressed mind can have damaging effects.
Starting with tight contracted muscles. If you’ve ever tried to run when you
have tight muscles you understand how much energy can be consumed.
Relaxed breathing in conjunction with the rhythmic movements allows the
client to completely let go and rejuvenate.

3. Success
Top athletes envision success before it happens. They have desire and
determination. Most of all they practice practice practice. What does that have
to do with Table Thai? Good question…participation. When working with
someone on the table you are working as a team. The therapist works with the
clients non-verbal cues as well as breathing patterns to take the client to their
comfortable stretch….and then just a bit more. The compression on tight tired
muscles begin to soften and stretch with the gentle one two three two one
count as the therapist moves up and down the extremities of the client.

Thai massaged can be used to compliment an existing program for athletes.
It can be used as pre and post event massaged. Can be performed within
hours before an event and within hours after. Find a qualified therapist
with experience in Thai Massage and in working with Athletes for best results.